Q. Do I need to have talent to create my free profile?

A. No. We want you to create a great profile. Try to focus on your dreams and desires, and then invite as many friends as you want to vote for you.

Q. Can I upload my pictures and my videos?

A. Yes, you’re welcome to share your pictures, your videos, and even your audio clips. At Fame Gateway, we believe everyone has talent. Sometimes all it takes is faith and to believe in YOURSELF. When destiny calls, it is not for us to decide when the time is right to fly. Remember, Success is a Choice!!!
I am an artist.

Q. Can I promote myself on this community platform and then have my friends vote me?

A. Of Course! Fame Gateway is the best community Multi-Level Social Media Platform for those who dare to dream, and want to be discovered. Remember, when you reach the next level of stardom, our marketing expert will reach out to you to help package your talent.

Q. How far can I reach?

A. The choice is yours! You can reach as far as your hunger for success allows you to go. And remember, when you reach that next level on Fame Gateway, our experts will be here for you!

Q. When I reach to the level of stardom, will I be promoted on live radio programs, and other social media networks?

A. Of course! If you have the hunger, and have what it takes, the Universe is the limit!!!

Q. I am a promoter. Can I use Fame Gateway to promote my artist?

A. We work very close with all promoters and entertainment law firms who have the desire to promote their clients worldwide. All it takes is to have your artists register for free, create their profile, and invite their friends to vote for them.

Q. I am a DJ/Entertainer. Can I use this platform to promote myself?

A. Of Course! If you have the ZING, why not sharing it with the rest of us?!